понедельник, 7 января 2013 г.

вторник, 15 ноября 2011 г.

My new official photo.

In august I had a great photo session with my dear friend and talanted photographer - Leonid Parunov.
I'm actually still waiting for all the photos, but I have one, my new "oficial photo". It's me and my favorite work chrysanthenym "Queen of Lemon Kingdom".

пятница, 20 августа 2010 г.

воскресенье, 18 июля 2010 г.


Hi my dear guests! Welcome to my blog!

My name is Alena Abramova. I'm a hat&flower designer. Please, visit my web-site: www.alenaflower.ru Live in Moscow(Russia). But I do like to travel. Regret that rare, hope could more in future. I love hats, flowers and all about vintage, ladies, womanly, refind & romantic. Love cats(two live in my house) and cacti.

I thougth a lot, which language to choose in blog, and I deside English is better. Now I see it's a little bit hard for me; for last 5 years I didn't speak English at all. But there is no backway English is international language. I think for you, my guests it would be difficult to understand me if i write in Russsian language. So, please, let pass my imperfect English ;)

Here sometimes I will post smth interesting about. For introduction here my red & white poppys.